October 10, 2017

Top 4 Reasons Why Canadian Businesses Are Investing in Pay Per Click Advertising

More and more Canadian business owners realize that pay per click (PPC) advertising is one of the best ways to generate a source of income from Google. Pay per click, also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), has become the main focus of many Canadian businesses of late as they try to compete with international business groups, as well as when getting ahead of the local businesses around them. If you haven’t started your PPC campaign yet, here are the top reasons why Canadian businesses are investing in PPC advertising (and why you should be, too).

What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Otherwise known as PPC or SEM, pay per click is often thought of as the younger sibling of search engine optimization (SEO). When combined, SEO and PPC become the Mario and Luigi of the internet marketing world, and you can effectively market your business to both local and international targeted audiences. With the overall size of Canada, as well as spread out populations, PPC ensures your message reaches people who are searching for what you are selling.

One of the reasons PPC works is because it is no longer just based on Google Adwords. Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter all offer pay-per-click advertising opportunities. Using this online advertising model, you drive traffic to your website with targeted ads that generally appear within search engine result pages. These ads are based on the keywords you choose based on research, and you will pay only when that ad is clicked on by a user. Hence the name “pay-per-click.”

The Top Reasons Why Canadian Businesses Benefit from PPC

Whether you have been an online presence for years or are just now getting to the party, there is no need to worry. PPC is something you can start and stop whenever you need to. That flexibility is but one of many reasons. Here are best reasons why Canadian businesses are investing in pay per click advertising:

  1. Speedy startup

Canada is growing economically, and there are a number of startup businesses finding their footing every single day. In order to get a name for your business and start making a profit, PPC can help you get an immediate boost in visibility. Here is why: within mere minutes of optimizing your website with SEO and getting your Google Adwords and other campaigns setup, you can begin to change the flow of traffic to your website, climbing up through the SERPs.

Plus, since web development has nothing to do with launching a campaign, anyone can begin using PPC. All you need to do is embed a tracking code from Google Analytics or Facebook, for example, into your website for those pages to get used in your campaign.

  1. High Exposure

Just like the point above, it won’t take much to get your higher in rankings using PPC advertising. All you need is a perfectly optimized advertisement, a decent landing page, some search engine optimization, and bidding to get into the desired position. When someone selects the exact phrase(keywords) you are campaigning for, the chance of you jumping over other websites becomes highly probable. Thus, PPC helps increase the exposure of your brand name, even if you’ve just begun.

  1. Qualified Leads

Because PPC means you are able to target the people that you want to establish business relationships with, you know that those clicking the ads are doing so only because they have true interest in your services or products. Because you will be receiving visits only from those who were enticed by the ad, you will also have higher conversion rates. Secondly, PPC allows you to target audiences based on geographic location, gender, age, and preferences. This means you won’t have to deal with traffic from USA coming in if you’re a local business in Toronto, for instance.

  1. Measured and Tracked Campaigns

Any tracking code you put into your website, whether it is from Facebook, Twitter, Bing, or Google Adwords is going to be an integral partner in your domination of the SERPs. The reason why is the data those tracking codes will be gifting you with. Let’s say you are using Google Adwords. With that program alone, you get access to dozens of analytical tools that are beginner friendly.

Even if you have no experience with running PPC campaigns, you can learn a lot from the data, measure and track your overall progress. Each keyword you have created an ad for is measured by search volume and bid price per click. The ads also have data from the impressions, click through rate, and conversion rates.

Using these numbers, you can decide which keywords are generating the most leads, how to budget, and how to synergize with other marketing channels. Having the ability to do this is what makes PPC advertising the champion when compared to billboards, television commercials, and printed ads.

Canadian economy has come a long way these past years, and it will surely keep getting better. Take advantage of this growth for your business by unleashing your best marketing tool: pay per click advertising. This way, you can either spread your brand throughout your locale, all of Canada, or to international customers who have interest. Since setup is simple, there is no reason to wait any longer to invest in PPC advertising.


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