January 20, 2018

5 Tips for Optimizing Your AdWords Campaign

2018 brings us a new horizon for AdWords campaigns for Ottawa websites. You might have been dabbling in AdWords campaigns for a number of years now, learning the ins and outs, but you might not have seen any significant gains. In 2018, meticulous strategy and a little bit of insight in how to optimize AdWords will not only increase the range of people you reach but maximize the ROI you have put into your campaign.

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The Top 5 Tips for Ottawa AdWords Campaigns

Learn What’s New

The new user experience (UX) for AdWords has left many in the digital world up in arms, because it doesn’t seem very user-friendly. Once again, you have to scour the platform to uncover the tricks and strategies that are most effective. What used to take 5 minutes now takes half an hour. That is why learning the new UX is crucial to optimizing your campaigns, because the quicker you learn, the faster you can utilize the improvements.


Also Learn About Audiences

On that note, you should consider one of the most powerful features of the latest AdWords update know as Audiences. This feature allows you to experiment and target different groups of people all throughout your targeted regions, such as Ottawa, Canada and so on. Hypothetically, you can take the experimental market, change your ad, and see how they react to the content. This gives you unlimited access to data that can change the way you construct your next AdWords campaign by veering away from negative results before they ever happen.


Always Do Your Research

Keywords are still important. That is why you should be doing a fair amount of keyword research for your AdWords campaign in Ottawa. You want to make sure that your ad is going to have high commercial intent, such as “buy,” “get,” or something similar. If you can target long tail keywords to fine tune your ads to a specific audience, that’s even better—but you want those keywords to have value.


Design Relevant Landing Pages

A strong headline, clear call-to-action, keywords, relevant content, and a decent website design are all key components in making sure that once people have clicked an ad and have come to your site that they stay there long enough to decide whether or not to convert. You might find that when using Audiences and doing research that your competition has more images than you do or whatnot. Think about the design of your landing page, because that is the final seal on the deal when it comes to conversions.


Use Ad Extensions

AdWords in 2018 is exceptional at building diversity with delivering ads. In other words, you can develop campaigns to send ads that are tailored exactly to your needs. Thus, you get a higher click-through rate, better scores, and simply, a more competitive edge on the search results pages. Be sure to use all the Ad Extensions available to you. Setup is quick and painless and will give you a real advantage.



AdWords is kind of like following a recipe. You need to do a lot of measuring, planning, and preparation before you can whip up something decent. Don’t let the learning curves dissuade you from developing an AdWords campaign targeting Ottawa region. By using these top 5 tips, you can get the most ROI out of your AdWords campaign.  


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