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How can I improve the speed of my website?

Why and How to Make Your Website Faster?

Does speed affect SEO?

Speed is an important factor in everyone’s life. The rate at which everything moves is watching and measured with painstaking accuracy. How fast one vehicle goes in transit can alter the reality of it either making one of its scheduled stops or making all of its stops. That is why website speed is also a factor in website building, because to both users and SEO, faster is more preferable.

Does website speed affect SEO?

Ways to Speed up your website

Speed From the Search Engine Perspective

In 2010, Google announced that its search engine algorithm was going to begin regarding page speed as a part of ranking. Some of the reason for this is because higher ranked SERPs deliver a better user experience; and previously established was the fact that faster equals better.

See, a page that loads fast and looks good increases the chance of users remaining on that site for an extended length of time.

In short, Google penalizes slow websites. While this does not immediately drop slower websites immediately to the black hole, it can keep your website from getting onto page 1.

Speed From the User Perspective

A WordPress that moves faster and more securely unsurprisingly performs better and receives a higher conversion rate. Speed attracts visitors one of two ways:

  • In eCommerce, selling products is easier if the page loads goods fast, without errors. This allows users to see more in less time.
  • Once a purchase is made, visitors do not have to get stressed out by watching a loading or pending page for several interminable minutes.

Here are some alarming statistic for you: Microsoft Bing’s research team did a survey and found that a mere 2 second delay in page responsiveness reduced visitor satisfaction by 3.8%, increased the loss of revenue per visitor by 4.3%, and lead to a 4.3% reduction in click-throughs. Moreover, 28% of users leave a webpage if it takes more than 4 seconds to load.

So, web page speed on your blog or marketplace is absurdly important.

What Slows Down Your Site

Poor load time is not always the fault of your internet connection. Here are some thing that cause your WordPress pages to slog through the mud:

  • Browser apps and plugins
  • Dense code
  • Cheap, illegitimate webhost
  • Ad overload
  • Embedded media
  • Images
  • Widgets

But these things are essential to a good page, right? That is why you need to optimize these factors just like you would optimize the written content of a blog.