May 18, 2017

How to Market Your Services and Products to Canadians

Quiz time! Before launching a successful marketing campaign for potential customers living in Canada, there is a vital piece of information that you must know. Do you know what that is? Hopefully, you said that you need to know the target audience, or the demographics, that you will be enticing to check out and eventually partake of your services or product.

Marketing in Canada is not going to be the same as marketing in Europe, for example. Even ads that do astoundingly well in America have an entirely different effect across the border.

One of the biggest challenges any Canadian businesses will face is ensuring that they are talking to the correct people. In order to make an impact with your buyers in Canada, there are certain things that need to be remembered.

What your business needs to do to reach Canadians with your Online Marketing endeavours:

  1. Define the Target

In order to reach your target demographics, you need to do some research. This is true for any market, anywhere in the world. You need to think about the trends, the social construction, culture, and how these people are most likely to see you advertisement. For example, Canadian boomers are less likely to see that fancy mobile advertisement than a standard print option.

The key is to engage the target audience. Once you engage with them, you can better define their buying behaviours. Plus, you need to think about the customers you already have. When you understand who you are talking with, you can develop a means of communication that is on point with getting the messaging across the correct channels by providing the correct content.

  1. Appeal to Values and Self-Perception

This has to do with the ideal Canadian “brand.” For example, if America was to compare itself to Target, Canada would be IKEA or Costco. The values of the country or culture you are trying to get attention from are crucial to how they perceive your own brand. Understanding this will you connect with and serve the demographics better. Be consistent, reliable, and predictable.

  1. Price Matters

Canadians love snagging a good deal. Since most of the population shops for value, meaning buying in bulk when something is on sale or putting out a little extra for something that is exceptional value. However, if the prices fail to appear as justifiable, Canadians will not venture beyond their regular spending habits.

Also, while this mainly applies to people overseas or from America trying to market in Canada, it is important to remember to be careful about contests and promotional offers. If these coupons and sales are not going to be available to all countries or regions that you serve, then do not make them visible at all. This is off-putting to a market that loves a good deal—especially when they can’t receive it.

  1. Stay in the Loop

Make yourself a prominent figure in your niche. You need a decent reputation and a level of politeness to appeal to your target audience. You also need to build a stronger presence by following the same trends that your potential customers are following. This makes you look more likable and relatable. When you know the culture, the rules, and the societal norms that influence buying and the economy, you will see more leads.

There are certain do’s and don’ts when marketing to Canadians, but the bottom line is to be mindful about what separates the Canadian market from all others. Understand the governing laws and the culture. Be transparent, polite, and provide your target audience with premium quality or with content that has exceptional value.


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