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Seo Career

An opportune time for Seos

The world is becoming more digitized. While you can get by as an uneducated, mediocre coder and website builder with WYSIWYG templates for crafting your website, it will not look as professional as it could with a true website designer. Moreover, if you need the traffic to keep your ecommerce platform up and performing optimally with search engines, you need SEO specialists, strategists, and eloquent writers or bloggers. These are the people who supply the content—such as words, numbers, and phrases—that speak to the most important part of the digital age: the people on the other side of the screen.


The possibilities to work at Explo-Media are boundless. Here is a look at what we often look for and a bit more information about these positions. If any interest you, please upload your CV to us.

  1. Local SEO
  2. Local SEO – Multiple Locations
  3. On-Page SEO
  4. Off-Site SEO
  5. Bloggers/Writers
  6. Backlink Specialists
  7. Link Profile Analysis Specialists
  8. Website Designer


Some of these undoubtedly look the same, but every task has a different nuance that requires a specific skill or program. These skills will be described below.

Local SEO Job Description

A local SEO specialist is someone who understands that local SEO is a highly effective marketing practice. In that sense, these are marketers or PR aides with a specialization in computer advertisement (now known as Digital Marketing). With local SEO, a business can promote its services to potential customers within the area that the business serves. This means the Local SEO specialist needs to understand how commonly used search engines, such as Bing, Google, and Safari, operate.


But it takes more than just an understanding of basic search engine optimization to become an ideal Local SEO specialist. What one truly needs is strategy, innovation, and a good instinct for understanding how the consumer thinks, speaks, and searches for their desired information online. This requires strong communications skills with coworkers as well as writing abilities. Furthermore, a local SEO specialist that is from the region they are writing about and trying to advertise in is a plus. After all, if the target demographic is not interested in or does not understand the concept of the advertisement, nothing will be gained from the venture!



  • Manage company or business SEO,
  • Implement new SEO marketing strategies and improve upon existing platforms,
  • Establish a strong index in search engines,
  • Maintain a constant current of activity for every single client,
  • Tailor SEO campaigns to each client, and every single one of their projects,
  • Work with technical analysis, backlink analysis, keyword and phrase strategy, branding, and other deliverable elements of SEO,
  • Growth strategy,
  • Monitor effectiveness of implemented strategies and then improve upon them.

All of this must be done locally.



  • To be well versed and interested in Digital Marketing concepts,
  • To see search engine optimization (SEO) as a significant part of local business strategy,
  • Be adaptive to the constant changes in search engine algorithms,
  • Have a strong command of language, writing skills, and communication skills,
  • Be able to work independently and with a team,
  • Fundamental comprehension of CSS, HTML, JavaScript,
  • Experience with Google Penguin, Panda, and Pigeon algorithms; Google Analytics; Google Webmaster; SEMrush; SEOMoz and similar programs,
  • Project and time management skills,
  • Proficiency in multiple computer operating systems (Microsoft, Linux, and Apple), as well as smartphone operating systems is a plus.


Again, the major trait of the local SEO specialist is the ability to apply all of this information and requirements into building a Digital Marketing campaign for a single location.


Local SEO – Multiple Locations Job Description

The Local SEO specialist that works for an enterprise with multiple locations is an individual who understands how to rework and reword specific information about a company to suit a multitude of demographics. This means developing a strategy that allows every single franchise to market themselves while simultaneously adhering to a set image or brand name so that the essence or vision is not lost from one place to the next. It is up to the SEO specialist to decide between centralized and decentralized strategies, such as subdomains or separate domains, and location-specific SEO versus more flexible keywords.


The local Search Engine Optimization expert that handles multiple locations needs to have the same qualifications as someone employed for a single region. Formulating a strategy that bolsters every single location for an enterprise or franchise means researching what is popular to the locals, creating ways to pinpoint regional phrasing, structuring content to adapt to searches by geo-tagging, for example, and more.



  • Manage the SEO of multiple locations in a variety of regions,
  • Implement digital marketing strategies that either support current locations or aid in drawing attention to newer or weaker locations of a specific franchise,
  • Administering analysis or links, turnover, and traffic,
  • Creating a structured system that builds up reputation,
  • Building centralized and decentralized strategies (subdomains, root domains or subdirectories, and geo-modification),
  • Monitoring effectiveness of website SEO


  • Enjoy digital marketing,
  • Understanding of search engine ranking and how to build up indexes various locations,
  • Have a strong command of language, writing skills, and communication skills,
  • Be able to work independently and with a team,
  • Fundamental comprehension of CSS, HTML, JavaScript,
  • Experience with Google Penguin, Panda, and Pigeon algorithms; Google Analytics; Google Webmaster; SEMrush; SEOMoz and similar programs,
  • Project and time management skills,
  • Be able to multitask or maintain focus on several storefronts at once


The main difference from local SEO or multi-location local SEO is that one has a wider sphere of influence. Depending on a specialist’s experience level, one may be better than the other.

On-Page SEO Job Description

Someone who has an eye for detail and desires to write unique information page-by-page has the workings of an On-Page SEO specialist. These are the people who make sure every single paragraph not only contains quality content but comes across as natural to the potential customer. Important information, as well as attention grabbing language, is a must. On-Page SEO requires the writer to understand meta tags and descriptions, as well as how consumers utilize these keywords during searches. By enriching the page’s array of relevant meta tags and descriptions, more traffic is thus driven to the site, because it will be higher in the results.

Responsibilities of an On-Page SEO specialist:

  • Create or critique the domain name,
  • Write the meta description for media files, video, and blog posts,
  • Provide rich web content to work alongside other elements of the digital marketing campaign,
  • Develop tags and metatags that are consistent with other locations or with what the target region is using,
  • Utilize anchoring, links, internal and backlinks,
  • Optimize load speed,
  • Optimize bounce rate.



  • Comprehends and enjoys digital marketing,
  • Has a strong grasp of language and writing skills to provide vivid and intriguing content that grabs attention,
  • Understands SEO optimization and how SERPs work,
  • Understands the basics of Google Penguin, Panda, Pigeon and like search engine algorithms,
  • Knows how to research and effectively utilize meta tags and descriptions,
  • Knows how to build internal links,
  • Uses credible and relevant information to build up a strong reputation,
  • Writes tags and descriptions for any media content on the page.

Off-Site SEO Job Description

While one might assume On-Page SEO management is the only type of maintenance a website needs, how the webpage is seen by search engines and potential buyers off-site is just as important. Off-site search engine optimization is done outside of the blog or ecommerce platform, making it a labor intensive job.

The off-site SEO specialist is the person who makes sure nothing regarding the website is seen by Google, Bing, or other search engines spam. For that reason, referrals, reputation building, and ensuring quality associates are using links correctly are all part of the job. Naturally, a piece of the puzzle exists in social media. So the off-site SEO manager has to enjoy promotion and developing a presence on social media that is respected and attractive to potential customers.



  • Link building and diversification;
  • Managing company or brand reputation;
  • Engaging with social media;
  • Obtaining direct referrals and testimonials;
  • Increasing targeted web traffic;
  • SEO-enriched links;
  • Obtaining credible, high reputation PR providers;
  • Marginalizing the negative effects of bad rankings and links devoid of content.



  • Understanding the difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO as well as how to reduce Black Hat SEO;
  • Comprehension of SEO and SERPs;
  • Know how to analyse web traffic via Google Analytics and the like;
  • Follow through with links, build up reputation through establishing connections, and diversifying the links by distributing them to relevant niches;
  • Promoting online reputation (through services like Google Avow);
  • Engage in social media sharing.


In short, the Off-site SEO manager is someone who does not mind being in the spotlight, adhering to White Hat SEO practices, and engaging with potential promoters and clients beyond the scope of the website and page.

Blogger/Writer Job Description

Having a blogger or writer on a website design team means increasing the potential of generating readable content that visitors to the page find engaging and convincing. When the words on the page (or throughout the site) is actually interesting, factual, and provides the customer with answers or the services they have come seeking, the chances of gaining a paying customer increases exponentially.

For the bloggers or writers that deserve to be the fulcrum of a business’ or blog’s success, have the skills that speak to both man and machine is critical. A blogger or writer who is not only interesting in put words on a page but how those words look to the viewer is important. Weaving masterful statements that fulfils the requirements of the design team, such as incorporating a few SEO keywords, is also an element of writing up successful web content.



  • Write creative, engaging content that is focused on a specific niche;
  • Provide original content;
  • Link to credible, reliable sources when necessary;
  • Use the meta tags and SEO keywords that the website requires to promote traffic and link conversions;
  • Use vocabulary that pertains to the target demographics;
  • Adhere to set guidelines set forth by the company.


  • Have a decent command of language, as well as decent grammar;
  • Be able to express ideas succinctly;
  • Explain topics, theories, thoughts, and visions;
  • Write website content, such as landing pages, about me profiles, and company objectives;
  • Understand how SEO works and be able to incorporate keywords naturally into the blog or article;
    Be able to locate credible and reputable sources to link to;
  • Time management skills.


Creative bloggers and writers out there, do you hear the call of digital marketing companies? A decent lexicon and ability to persuade is where the door to writing website content is where it all begins.


Backlink Specialist Job Description

The infamous backlink, otherwise known as the incoming link, inbound link, or inward link, refers to the links received by a web page, directory, website, or top level domain to another web node. Therefore, a specialist in digital marketing and SEO will use backlinks to not only construct solid website navigation but to build up a web node’s reputation through strategic use of them. Beyond SEO, a backlink reveals the interests of the website as well as who is paying attention to the content.


As a Backlink Specialist, the task is to become the human variant of a backlink checker tool. The main goal is total optimization of SEO. Since decent backlinks can reposition a startup enterprise or growing business from obscurity to fame in a short period of time, someone who can build up a network of reputable backlinks then maintain them is critical.



  • Connect growing businesses to high quality backlinks
  • Jumpstart the consumer base
  • Increase traffic by promoting a greater awareness of the web node
  • Aid in building the company’s portfolio for organic growth
  • Provide insight on how to effectively use backlinks
  • Reach out and communicate with credible inbound link providers



  • Understanding of Google PageRank, as well as how Google algorithms (Panda, Penguin, and Pigeon) work,
  • Use of White Hat techniques,
  • Provide personalized services and creative strategies for website marketing,
  • Be able to communicate why backlinks are an effective marketing tool,
  • Find and use reputable backlinks (citations),
  • Be able to analyse the effectiveness of presently used backlinks
  • Perform social outreach
  • Functional knowledge of IT, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


Link Profile Analysis Specialist Job Description

Aside from building links and developing a reputation throughout the world wide web, keeping those inbound and outbound links healthy and active for the long term should be a goal for every website owner. A link profile analysis expert will not only be able to do search engine optimization and backlink building, they can gaze into the numbers and statistics to see strengths and weakness then adapt to keep the website running strong.


Development of strategies committed to organic growth through credibility and presence is the main focus. This is done by proactively maintaining the best search engine algorithm practices. Link Profile Analysis specialists will also partake in link building activities and should be affable, responsible, and innovative in their approach.



  • Audit inbound and outbound links for strengths and weaknesses,
  • Remove a links that Google has penalized to increase reputation,
  • Manage link building and content development,
  • Develop a personalized linking strategy,
  • Work with an SEO specialist,
  • Track analytics proactively



  • Know Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and how to reduce search engine algorithm penalties,
  • Have an understanding of Google Analytics or like platforms,
  • Know a variety of web-based tools to aid multiple businesses with online listings,
  • Be educated in marketing, PR, advertising, or Information Technology,
  • Have a growth mindset,
  • Strong communication and writing skills


Website Designer Job Description

The title of “web designer” belongs to those who are digital artists of sorts who manipulate numbers and coding to create their masterpieces. Graphic design and programming meshes together to form the end result—a webpage or site that is fully functional and optimized to succeed in a rapidly growing digital economy.



  • Website creation and editing,
  • Meeting with clients and assessing needs, design, and how product will be maintained,
  • Determining technical requirements,
  • Website updates,
  • Backup file creation,
  • Solving and fixing coding issues,
  • Optimizing a website for SEO and various platforms.



  • Education in computer technology and web graphic design,
  • Design skills (animation, multimedia)
  • Content management skills,
  • Web development,
  • General knowledge of scripts and programming (such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript),
  • Functional knowledge of SEO and how to optimize the website or page.


A passionate, open-minded and creative web designer is always a sought after addition to any team. In the end, the web designer is the one who creates the visuals, making them the key to a wonderful first impression online.

You’ll be asked to take ownership of (multiple) new projects and initiatives and manage them to completion often with little direction or supervision. We work very hard, but we have a lot of fun doing it.