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Eliminate Toxic/Unnatural Links that are hindering your website ranking today!

The Link Profile Analysis & Disavow Service includes:

  • Analyze up to 30 000 Backlinks pointing to your site
  • Get a .txt report containing spam, toxic and unnatural links ready to disavow
  • Get a Anchor text report to spot over-optimized anchors that might be penalizing your web site ranking
  • We submit the disavow .txt file to Google for you
  • Penalty Reconsideration (contact us for quote to use this service)

$599 $79

One time cost


With our affordable Link Profile Analysis service, other Seo agencies, Web Developers and Freelancers can take advantage of our FREE White Label option.

The team at Google just announced the release of Google Penguin 4.0 which means, your web pages ranking could be penalized in near real-time if your web pages are connected to unnatural spammy links. With this new and final Penguin update, a regular Link Profile Analysis is a must for every website owner. Today, many website owners & website rankings are suffering from being linked by unnatural & artificial backlinks. Some of the links are linked with bad neighbourhoods, PBNs (Private or Public Blog Networks) or, this is the most scary reason, being a victim of Negative SEO – also known as Google Bowling. Matt Cutts, head of the Google Spam team once said in 2012 in this video that the regular small business should not worry about Negative Seo. But here is the thing, that was 4 years ago! Today, Negative Seo is all over the web and if done right, it can be extremely effective. Just read this blog to see some case studies.

Disavow Unnatural links – Seo Link Removal Service (Penguin 4.0)

Cleaning up bad backlinks has always been a notoriously painfull task. Especially if your website has thousands of backlinks. According to the Google Team, more than 400.000 manual spam actions are taken, every single month! And, the head of the Google spam team claims that only five percent of owners that received a manual penalty are applying for a reconsideration request. That means that only five percent of website owners who got hit are doing something about it! That’s a lot of business websites out there that are suffering from having been de-indexed or, are suffering a Google Penalty. That means visibility, less leads, less organic traffic which basicly means less money. oh, by the way, your competition says thank you! But if you are like me, you are saying thats un-acceptable. If you noticed a drop in ranking the last thing you want to do is do nothing. Lossing Google rankings can be caused by a large number of things but links are usually the main reasons. Los of ranking can be caused by over optimization of our backlink anchor text, spammy links, links from link farms, PBNs, Negative Seo, the Explo-Media Link Profile Analysis & Disavow service is for you! For a ridiculously cheap low price of $79, you can clean up your link profile and get on Google’s good side!




UI/UX Designer

Good Work. Detailed report and explanation.

Outstanding Link Profile Analysis service!

Dave TaylorFreelancer

Awesome experience. Would highly recommend!

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