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The Importance of White Hat Link Building

Ah, the mysterious backlink. Look at where it goes, and where it leads. Depending on the backlinks connected to your site, and the strategies you employ, you could end up on either end of the SERPs spectrum. There are black and white methods out there. Due to this, you need to know the importance of doing these the white hat way; and why link building is pivotal in accelerating the growth of your online presence.

Attract Quality Links

Different strategies to gain more quality links

What Are Backlinks?

Though a lot of people talk about building up your inbound links to fortify your SEO, how much about backlinks is actually obvious. Not much. So let us first clear the smoke and mirrors.  
A backlink, also called an inbound link, is a connection coming from a website that is not your own. Think of backlinks as a form of networking. When you build a profile, you get known in that social media platform by liking the content of other people while speckling the area with your point of view. Gradually, you obtain a reputation—hopefully a good one—with those around you. Then the referrals come. This increases your popularity, and more people start to follow you.
Note that backlinks are different from outbound links, which are hyperlinks from your website to another one. Also, backlinks are not internal links—one web page to another page of your website.

The Importance of Reputation

One of the highest ranking factors deals with the number of reputable backlinks a website has in its overall profile. It is worth repeating that these hyperlinks must be from credible, authoritative sources. Otherwise, the link building means little. In fact, one backlink from a high authority site (known as a Domain Authority (DA) or Page Authority (PA), like a nationally recognized newspaper, is better than twenty links from lesser known niche sites.
Let us say, for example, The New York Times links to your website. Readers of The New York Times may then click the link to travel to your site. Additionally, this is a referral that tells search engines your site is a reliable authority. As this happens more frequently, the higher your website rises in search engine results pages (SERPs). Links are one of 200+ ranking factors Google uses to determine ranking and they play a big part. But what worked a year ago doesn’t work today. Today, its about quality rather than quantity. This being said, I’m not saying that we don’t aim for quantity too. Just to show you how valuable this service is, have a look at what good quality White Hat back link creation cost: ($1500 Aprox. USD for 6 links) (Starts at Aprox. $300 USD per link)
There is a lot and I mean a lot of Seos using the Black Hat approach when it comes to link building.  Why? Because link building is hard work and time consuming. Today, you can order links from link farms, PBNs (Private Blog Networks), hire a freelancer for $5 or use a software that with the click of a finger will create  thousands of links in minutes. They might give you a quick boost but in the long term might cost them more to repair the damage when those links get flagged are hit by Google Penguin – The backlink police from Google 🙂

White-hat vs. Black-hat

To make the right and wrong of SEO link building more understandable, here is an example of white-hat and black-hat strategies:

White-Hat Strategies

  • Existing Connections – Use your partners and friends wisely, as you already made links with them. Other examples include business suppliers, customer testimonials, community organizations, and brand mentions.
  • Linkable Stuff – Good content is definitely linkable: infographics, interactive media, surveys and quizzes, and fascinating blogs or articles.
  • Guest Posts with Rich Content – When you have DA and PA guest posters, or if you guest post for them, this creates an organic link. Be sure to contact high authority presences who have a strong community with demographics that match your target audience.

Black-Hat Strategies

  • Link Schemes – this includes any behavior that alters inbound and outbound links to your site. Avoid multiple link exchanges, used automated services, and buying or selling links. See Google’s list of link Scheme practices.
  • Advertorials – Paid content disguised as an editorial. Uses common link schemes. These can be avoided by minimizing guest posting that is not by respected authors.
  • Press Releases – Companies often make the mistake of anchoring all the things in a press release and heavily incorporating keywords. The mechanical tone produced is a red flag for search engine algorithms.

Link building with white-hat strategies is unfathomably important to the growth of your online-based business. Whether you are merely trying to get more traffic or want more appeal around the web, gathering connections to reputable sources is key. Other factors that go into link building includes enhancing the user experience. By doing these things, SERPs increase, and you attain your goals.

Attract Quality Links

Different strategies to gain more quality links

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