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Did you know that Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is the top source of income for Google? This means more and more Canadian businesses are investing in PPC advertising

Today, more than 1 million advertisers generate tens of billions in revenue for the company. Source

 Pay Per Click also know as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an excellent way to get the word out about your product or services, not to mention to drive revenue for your business.

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Here’s How Our Pay Per Click Services work:

STEP #1 -Research For High Profitable Keywords 


Keyword Research is one of the most important steps for any SEO Campaign. However, most SEO Companies will only use one tool like Google Keyword Planner to set-up your P.P.C. campaign and may limit the impact by what Google Keyword Planner left out.  Explo-Media steps out of the box completly by researching Google Keyword Planner, Niche Related Forums, Amazon, Wikipedia, Quora and others to make sure we cover what users are really interested in.

STEP #2 - Spy On Top Competitors


Before we begin with your Pay Per Click Campaigns, we study what your top competitors do to find out what's working for them. During this process we find new profitable keywords we may have missed in step #1, we see what ad copy gets a lot of clicks and has had a big impact and more importantly, what gets conversions! 

STEP #3 - Implement Findings On Campaigns

Once we find out what works for your top competitors, we then implement some of the key findings in your campaign while reflecting your business and needs at the same time. 

STEP #4 - Design Attractive P.P.C Banners

A huge element of campaign success is attractive Pay Per Click Banners. This is why you should hire Explo-Media to design your next ad banner.

STEP # 5 - Set-up And Start Campaigns

Once we have collected all the relevant data to maximize efficiency, we now configure and start running your ads.

STEP # 6 - Monitor The Campaigns 


Even after implementing the best results from the findings in the steps above, it is possible to not get the conversions and clicks you had hope for. This is why we monitor the campaign daily and adjust as needed to get maximum results.  

STEP # 7 - Send You Professional Reports


We send you are report of everything so you can keep track of your investments and know where things are at with your Pay Per Click ads.

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