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  • In-depth Site Analysis
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  • Includes the STARTER Package
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Local Seo
  • 50+ Social Media Platforms for your Brand
  • Quality Link Acquisition
  • Social Media Posting
  • Monthly Reporting

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  • Includes the STARTER Package
  • Blog Posting
  • Social Media Posting
  • Content Marketing
  • Landing page Creation
  • Local Seo
  • Quality Link Acquisition
  • 100+ Social Media Platforms for your Brand
  • Monthly Reporting

$499 / month

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We also offer custom packages or individual Seo services. Yo can also add some extras as part of your Seo packages.

Some of our Seo extras/Addons:

-Penalty Recovery

-Blog Posts Writing

-Social Media Writing

-Landing Page Creation

-Pagespeed Optimization

-Mobile Seo Optimization

-Optimize For Rich Answers (Featured Snippets)

-Voice Optimization (Siri Google Now and Cortana) 

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What is Search Engine Optimization (Seo) ? 

Essential SEO: Know it, Love it, Utilize it

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, and user experience are now enmeshed within one another. It should not be surprising, especially when everyone is attached to their smartphones throughout the day. In 2017, search engine algorithms have been updated to encompass how people will feel about the content on the website—so gone are the days when SEO appealed strictly to robots. But SEO is not an obsolete factor. Rather, it is now more essential than ever.

SEO is digital marketing, and vice versa.

Meet the Algorithms

There are currently four search engine algorithms in play—Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, and RankBrain—that judge your website’s content and decides whether it is worthwhile to internet users. Each of these algorithms has been tempered through years of study to not only seek out keywords but to recognize what users are looking for and want. The time spent on a site, click-through rates, and bounce rates all play a huge role in your site’s rank.

The level of artificial intelligence involved might be a bit astounding, but there is still limitations. Just because you coddle the algorithms who decide you are worthy does not mean they will actually put you in the top 10 most relevant results.

There are several reasons for this:

Terminology. Search engines only focus on common terms. So, if you opt for the lesser used, alternative terminology for something, like “storage container” versus “storage box,” for instance, the search engine gets confused.

Internationalization. Though this is all about where you are and what you speak, sometimes search engine robots behave erratically with language differences (US English or UK English, for one). If you write your content in UK English but are aiming at Canadians, the algorithm will get funny.

Location. Search engines know where content is originating from. So if you are writing for Malaysians but live in Egypt, something looks amiss. In the end, more Egyptians are going to see it than Malaysians.

Mixed Signals. This is when the title of the blog and slug do not match the content. For instance, you title your article “The Best Marketing Practice” but go on to talk about a company (again, bizarre terminology), the search engine cannot target what you are talking about.

Poor Link Structure. This includes inbound and outbound links, as well as how you have built them into your website. When the structure is not understandable or outdated, then the search engine cannot see all of the website or determine viability.

Duplicates. Using a Content Management System (CMS), pages are sometimes duplicated. When this happens, search engines will assume the content on the page is unoriginal.


Non-text Elements. Imagine and other enriching media are great, but search engines cannot read images and video unless they have correct tags and descriptions. Yes, even in 2017 flash files, images, photos, audio, plug-ins and video remain difficult to parse.

So, with all these issues, how is your content ever going to get seen? That is where the marketing comes into play. Search engine technology is fabulous for helping people find your content, but you need to put it out there. Continuous promotion and reaction to that content is key.

Where to Find Content

In an earlier, the trends and importance of SEO in 2017 were discussed, such as maintaining quality links and providing readable, keyword-specific content. Now, you need to know where to find the content that is going to drive people to your site. Plus, if you find a marvelous bounty of wisdom, that can also become a strong link for credibility.

That narrows down the sources of inspiration to the following:

  • Newspapers and Press Releases
  • Educational and Scientific Publications
  • Databases
  • Forums

Depending on your niche, some may be more relevant than others. However, bring your attention the final source. Forums are where you can go to see what people are asking questions about in your niche. Though the discussion pertaining to these topics may be a dead-end, the questions are indeed quite useful. Not only that, you get insight on how people are wording their questions—for relevant keywords—and what demographic is responding.

Also take note of how categories are separated and described. This can be utilized for dividing up your content in the future.

How to Streamline Interaction

In the past, SEO reacted well to 3 things:

Filler information. This involves making pages for variations for a keyword. For example, “administrative software” and “human resources software.” Now it is much more user-friendly to have separate categories for administration and human resources with software as a sub-category.

Irrelevant anchoring. Anchor text is the link label in a sentence that can be clicked. Appropriate anchoring can increase ranking by guiding those who click it the link somewhere useful, like to a study or separate article. When SEO first started out, it seemed like almost every other word was anchor text—which was overwhelming. For instance, anchoring the word Facebook to the actual website is meaningless. In short, make educated connections to relevant sources always.

Keyword-heavy articles. No one wants to read content written for machines. People are the ones reading your website, after all. In the past, over-saturating an article with keywords could boost the rank phenomenally. Now, it will only drag you down.

The other part of SEO that can be used to streamline usability is understanding the various searches people will make to reach the website:

  • Transactional searches – identifying businesses, making online purchases, completing web-based tasks, signing up for trial accounts, and downloading subscriptions
  • Informational searches – Quick answers, research, local weather queries, research, non-commercial and non-transactional
  • Navigational searches – Directly going to a specific website for information. The user may not know the URL, but they put in the name. An example would else “Explo-Media SEO services.”

The Content Marketing Factor

Have a company website that is lacking in views? Add a blog to it. There is no longer an excuse for skimping on the content marketing and social media side of SEO. Crawlers and search engine technology have a good relationship with blogs, because the content helps the AI understand what your company and its website is about.

Of course, search engine optimized content that also placates the masses is going to aid you the best. How you do that, though, is up to you and the extent of your creativity. Wend together blogs with media, quality writing, and interesting information focused on your desired demographic, and SEO will in time work with you.

SEO continues to remain an essential tool for delivering your vision to the masses. You need to know it, love it, and utilize it more than ever. Though there are some irregularities and issues still with the algorithms, the way search engine technology behaves continues to shift more towards the user experience. That is why you too need to look at what people are searching for and how.

Should you need assistance, Explo-Media has the experience, tools and tips to get your website and blog functioning at a superior level. With an extensive knowledge of SEO and marketing, your website achieve rapid organic growth.


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