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What you get with your Seo Technical Audit

Using multiple premium tools, we scan your website with the latest Search Engine’s algorithms to see if your site is up to date and meets today’s search engines requirements and provide you with a full report on how you can improve your website to be on the Search Engines good side. (Please take note that if you purchased a Full Seo Monthly package then this service is already included)

Why is the Seo Tech Audit Report so Important?

Search engine optimization. Whether the term makes you cringe in terror or tremble with excitement, SEO is something every webmaster or web designer has to deal with often. There is no evading SEO and the processes that come with it, including the technical audits. You might be thinking that merely tweaking the small stuff helps with SEO, but SEO tech audits unearth the big issues dragging your ranking down into the swamp.

Just like any other process you use to boost your SEO ranking, technical audits are essential for the success of your website and business.

What is an SEO Tech Audit?

In general computing terminology, an SEO tech audit is a process in which someone (or something like a program) evaluates technical deficiencies or areas that need improvement within the SEO components of a website or page. Every factor that goes into influencing ranking is analyzed and measured.

Some issues that might be unearthed by a technical SEO audit include:

  • Content issues,
  • Site architecture (such as sitemaps, broken internal links, and link structure),
  • Indexing (such as blocking search engine crawlers),
  • Social media (links and engagement),
  • Backlink analysis,
  • Preferred domain redirects,
  • Mobile friendliness,
  • Page speed,
  • Duplicate descriptions and titles.

Therefore, SEO technical audits are extremely important. Audits are a valuable and time-efficient way to maintain the general health of your site, and they should not be disregarded or overlooked.

The Benefits of a Technical SEO Audit

Businesses with an online presence need to have routine SEO tech audits for a number of reasons—many of which were mentioned above. If the health of the website is low, then you cannot expect to have a decent cross-flow of traffic. Moreover, potential clients may never even see your website, because it is ignored by search engines.

Here are some benefits of an SEO audit:

  • Algorithm changes. Search engines are constantly altering and adapting to the internet to provide better search engine results. An audit reveals how your website can be adjusted to look more favorable to these algorithms.
  • SEO rule changes. Once in awhile, the SEO gods decide to update how search engine optimization should be done. A tech audit shows whether or not your website is adhering to the new rules.
  • Outdated or obsolete content. Nothing deters users away from a website like something that looks like it was made in 2002. Audits find the oldest sections of the website’s architecture for you.
  • Errors. An audit runs through the framework of the website, spotting broken links, errors, and similar issues that could be redirecting consumers elsewhere.
  • Maximizes the generation of online traffic.
  • Reveals the factors helping and hurting your website’s search engine ranking.
  • Shows whether or not separate web pages are being indexed and crawled appropriately.
  • Increases online authority and reputation by showing you what problems could be penalizing your website.

The main advantage of an SEO tech audit is that, while all this may seem very complicated, the process is actually quite simple. Simply ask yourself these two questions: Are the pages of the website indexing? And what does the robots.txt look like? Fixing any issues without the indexing and ranking will immediately show positive effects for your website.

An SEO tech audit is an often forgotten but crucial action in analyzing the haleness of your web pages. The importance of them should not be underestimated, because an SEO tech audit shows weaknesses, as well as strengths. To get to the bottom of the issues drowning your website or penalizing it, be sure to administer technical SEO audits regularly.

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