March 17, 2017

Why you absolutely need a SSL Certificate in 2017

This New Google Chrome Update will change how users see your website.

When you install an SSL Security Certificate on a website, you are securing your site and the HTTPS protocol secures connections from a website to a browser.

As you probably already noticed, Google Chrome just released a new version of its browser that shows users if they are on a secure or non-secure site.
If they are visiting your website and you have an SSL installed, they will see a big pad lock saying secure. jp jw pj js rj rp rw ri cp md.ic.sV9thP9y9N

If you don’t have an SSL, they will see an ! with a note saying: ”Your connection to this site is not private”.


We knew Google prioritized SSL sites in Search Rankings since it values secure sites. However, they decided to take it one step further with this latest update. But SSL is not a bad thing. It will keep all your data and transactions on your site safe and earn the trust of your customers. The powerful, reliable security of an SSL Certificate from Explo-Media starts at just C$64.99/year!

Featuring 99% browser recognition, up to 256-bit encryption, a $13,000 warranty, and much more, an SSL Certificate from Explo-Media is a solid investment for your Web site.


Don’t leave the security of your Web site – and your customers – to chance. Visit our Online Store HERE now to order a SSL that fits your Web site’s needs.

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